Geared to accommodate our younger guests, Fiddlesticks is proud to offer the following FUN attractions!

Air Bounce Jump Castle - Jump in! It's a great way to use up some of that extra energy!
Height requirement: parental discretion

Flying Dumbo Elephants - These friendly Dumbo elephants go 'round and 'round and fly up and down.
Height requirement: 30 inches to 59 inches

Himalaya Coaster - Back and forth fun! This coaster is fun for kids and parents can ride too! The coaster takes off and gradually speeds up until riders are zooming by with their hands in the air. Just when you think you've mastered the ride, it slows down, stops and reverses!
Height requirement: 44 inches or taller OR 36 inches if riding with someone 44 inches or taller

Miner Mike Roller Coaster - All little ones, climb aboard! Kids can fly by with their hands in the air.
Height requirement: 36 inches to 59 inches

Rookie Go-Karts - Race like the big kids on this Fiddlesticks favorite! These cars let the young ones test their skills on a raceway just the right size. It is almost as fun to watch them zoom by as it is for them to drive!
Height requirement: 44 inches to 59 inches

Soft Play - Race and play in this outdoor "soft play" which will entertain your little ones with tubes and mazes.
Height requirement: parental discretion

Swings - Fly through the air on this ride that accommodates some of our smallest guests! Little ones can wave to their friends and family on their way around! The swings are fast enough to give a pint-sized thrill, but slow and safe enough to ensure a great time for your young ones.
Height requirement: 30 inches to 44 inches

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