Geared to accommodate our younger guests, Funtasticks is proud to offer the following FUN attractions!

Air Bounce Jump Castle - Jump in! It's a great way to use up some of that extra energy!
Height requirement: 36 inches or taller

Carousel - Our new carousel is fast becoming a Funtasticks favorite! Equipped with 12 painted horses, mirrors, and calliope music, this attraction is great for guests of all ages.
Height requirement: Parental discretion

Itty Bitty Bumper Boats - These tiny bumper boats will add a splash of fun to your visit to Funtasticks. Gliding through less than one foot of water, these are a real crowd-pleaser for the tots and little guests!
Weight requirement: 40 pounds or smaller

The Cat's Revenge Roller Coaster - All little ones, climb aboard! Kids can fly by with their hands in the air.
Height requirement: 36 inches or taller

Orbitron - Spin in three-dimensional space! Strap into these three orbiting rings and experience a weightlessness like no other ride! A real upside-down and all-around thrill!
Height requirement: 56 inches or taller

Rookie Go-Karts - Race like the big kids on this Funtasticks favorite! These cars let the young ones test their skills on a raceway that is just their size. It is almost as fun to watch them zoom by as it is for them to drive!
Height requirement: 40 inches or taller

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